Parramatta Aquatic Center

The Paramatta Aquatic Center opened in 2023 and is a year-round destination for swimming, fitness, wellness and, community. A modern design sunken into the natural landscape requires a state of the art audio, visual, and control system that is effective, reliable, and discreet. Q-SYS was the obvious choice. The ability to blend audio and video seamlessly and with minimal impact on the network environment meant this holistic approach made delivering the client’s expectations simple and efficient.

QSC DSP with networked amplifiers and the NV series network video encoding/decoding was settled upon with Q-SYS touch panels where required. The inclusion of Dante network audio throughout minimalised cabling throughout the project.

The PA system covers the entire facility with multiple paging stations and over 20 zones of audio. The system encompasses the pools, gym, studios, foyers, and meeting spaces. The network video feeds an array of LCDs throughout the facility.

An expandable system in an iconic local destination Parramatta Aquatic Center is worth a visit.



Project Information

  • Client: Parramatta City Council
  • Location: 7A Park Parade, Parramatta NSW
  • Completed Date: 2023